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According to insiders, that is the problem, even the big projects have faced to.With the high capitalization achieved, cash flow is zero.At some point, regardless the funds raised and allocated, it will be over.As a result, there is no way to further invest in product support and development.As a result, the only way to survive is to launch another ICO or additional token emission.To sum up, for the project to be successful it needs cash flow and Date Coin has one.Other resources it will be backed by include new users (to be attracted according to expansion plan) and side investors.We plan to attract up to 20M active users in 4 years.

According to the PR Director, in June and July the token will be presented at two major exchanges in Korea and Japan.

Date Coin is a token designed for a new international dating service, next generation of a successful product Denim.

It features reliable growth mechanics based on global expansion strategy to enter new markets and increase the audience.

Minimize On the 25 of May Date Coin participated in the blockchain meetup made by the organization “Crypto of Korea” in Seoul.

In addition to the project team members Oleg Gervalov and Anna Krasnova, the project was supported by four Date Coin consultants — Ik Song, Kimberly Lin, Greg Limon and Stan Milc.

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Thus, the users will get benefits from purchasing additional features for tokens resulting in its high demand at market exchange.

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